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Holy cow! That's the kid of thing that seems totally fake when it happens in a movie.

No kidding! Coincidentally, I met with a 10th Mountain Division descendant yesterday whose dad had been saved from serious injury by his canteen! I guess Hollywood doesn't exaggerate everything.

There is a stainless steel portable shaving mirror. the kind that could be purchased at the PX, in the collection at the History Colorado 10th Mountain collection. It has a dent in it where it was struck by a bullet. The donor claimed that it was in his shirt pocket and it saved his life.

Wow, how lucky for that soldier! Thank you for telling us about that artifact, Donald. I may have to make a trip over to History Colorado to see if I can view it sometime.

Good to see these artifacts . Thank you

You're welcome Linda; thank you for reading!

Such an amazing artifact and story. Great post, Keli!

Thanks for reading, Katie!

This - and all of these stories - are why the DPL and History Colorado Resource Center is so key for us to support. It's our history!

And there are SO many stories to share!


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