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Thank you for this research and thoughtful obituary. While the house was "ordinary" and unremarkable from a landmark angle, its story is interesting and unique, and emblematic of many of the older homes we've lost in the current era.

Thank you for reading and commenting, Laura! How true that many older Denver homes have been demolished in recent years--and while some were deemed unworthy of landmark status, they did contribute to the character and sense of place found in Denver neighborhoods.

What a wonderful tribute to this home.

Thank you very much, Suzanne!

In 1927 my husband’s grandparents had the house built that we live in. His mother and uncle grew up in the house. Then he and his two sisters grew up in the house. We bought the house from the estate, so our children have also grown up here. The woodwork in the house was done by my husband’s great uncles who were cabinet makers for railroad cars, and we have the blue prints for the house. One interesting item is that when a house was built on a vacant lot 20 years after ours, our address had to change, have the newspaper article documenting the change.

How many people can say they know who did the woodwork in their home AND have the blue prints?! Thanks for reading and commenting, Judy!

Your creative piece and tribute to a Denver home is wonderful! Thank you for showing readers about the records used for them to do their own research online and within DPL. If possible, placing this story on the Denver Buildings and Neighborhood area will make it always readily available. As Denver grows, we need to remember.

Thank you so much, Janice. I will see if we can move it to Denver Buildings and Neighborhood area--good idea!

What an incredibly well written and interesting piece. Thank you for this.

Thank you for the very kind words, Leyla! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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