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Hi Brian--Great list of books. Many would be my choice too. Say, I did not know your g-father was a coal miner, like my great uncles Domenico, BrunoAntonio,and Francesco, except they dug in Carneyville, near Sheridan, Wyoming. As you know, I have been telling their story through the "knife-affray" incident, which happened the evening of 14 April 1907 and reverberated in that community for several months. I have added there more posts. Now, for my desert island books, how about the great Sicilian mystery series -- Detective Montalbano--written by Andreas Camillieri, who sadly just passed away last year. Keep up the good work , blogs, and newsletters. I read them all the way from here in Vermont.

Hi Jerry - Thanks for kinds words! I've been digging into "Killing for Coal" and have found it absolutely spellbinding. And for anyone interested in reading a bit more about Rocky Mountain region coal miners, check out Jerry's blog

My late husband Bill Pride loved Thomas Hornsby Ferril so much he bought every out-of-print and more recently published volumes by the great Colorado poet. They're on my living-room book shelves. I would take all of them with me. P.S. Bill's first job at age 16 was helping DPL move from the Carnegie building to the new one across Civic Center Park.

Hi Kay - Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories of your husband Bill with us! That move from the old Central Branch (the current McNichols Building) and those conveyor belts is legendary at DPL. 

Since you shared some great memories with us, here's one for you! Enjoy!


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