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I'm not certain, but I believe the Lakeside Funhouse was designed by the same person who created the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Funhouse and the San Francisco Playland Funhouse. Here is Wikipedia's description of the Playland Funhouse:

Laffing Sal at the Musée Mécanique
Among the more popular concessions was the Fun House, originally called the Bug House, erected in 1923-24. Laffing Sal was the laughing automated character whose cackle echoed throughout the park.[8] After Playland was closed, one of the original animatrons was relocated to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.[10] The Laughing Sal from the fun house is now located in the Musée Mécanique in San Francisco.[11] The last remaining Walking Charley figure is located at Playland-Not-At-The-Beach.
Patrons entered by first passing through a mirror maze which had originally been a separate attraction on the opposite side of the midway. Next, patrons squeezed through the spin-dryers and entered the main area of the Fun House, which contained a Joy Wheel (flat wooden disc that spun quickly and forced kids to slide off), the Barrel of Laughs (rotating walk-through wooden barrel), the Moving Bridges (connected gang planks that went up and down), and the Rocking Horses (attached by strong springs to a moving platform creating quite a galloping sensation).[12] The Fun House had air jets, rickety catwalks, steep, moving and rocking staircases, the topsy-turvy barrel, and the three-story climb up to the top of "the longest, bumpiest indoor slide in the world,"[8] and a 200-foot (61 m) indoor slide. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk had a funhouse with an identical interior (but not exterior) until it was remodeled in 1983"

I spent many happy summers in the Santa Cruz Fun House and I miss it, almost 50 years later!

I remember being on the Joy Wheel at the Lakeside Fun House once. There was a boy who sat exactly in the middle with a rather snide grin as the rest of us hung on as long as we could. Good times!

Hi Ellen - Thanks for sharing that information with us. We actually did a blog on Laughing Sal a few years back and were surprised to find out that she was mass produced by a Philadelphia-based toboggan company. Sadly, these funhouses are just too fun/dangerous to survive. Today's youth will never know the joys of being tossed across a wooden floor in the name of fun!


oh boy do I remember all the "lets knock you off your feet" rides etc .
Loved that place and my Father drove one of the two chriscraft that
that were on the lake.
Lakeside was on our list of where to
go and if not lakeside we went
to Elitches.


The 'possible bandleader' is Denver's own Paul Whiteman, who led a famous world-renowned swing/big band. They are the stars of the now restored film classic, an early Technicolor film,'The King Of Jazz', recently restored by The Criterion Collection AND U.C.L.A. I think DPL has the DVD, I own it.


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