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You may want to get a hold of Becky Pentland. Edward Bainbridge was found to be haunting her cafe and the world renowned psychic, Peter James, visited and verified that he was haunting the cafe. Once, while working there, I turned around and the coffee machine was making coffee. I had unplugged the machine and it was still unplugged, but yet was making coffee!

That's the scariest coffee-related story we've ever heard! Thanks for posting, Kerry Ann! 

Google The Full Circle Cafe Georgetown Colorado.

Thanks for the post, Becky! Our readers are undoubtedly Googling away now.

James Martin the guy that Edward Bainbridge shot actually did not die. Everyone just assumed that he would. After Bainbridge was lynched his ghost has been seen in Georgetown many times. One notable event happened at the Point of Rocks in the late 1800's. The card game was over a can of oysters. Bainbridge had also bragged that he was part of a Massacre in Utah. Bainbridge was the first person to die in Georgetown. His bones were later dug up and put on display at a Doctor's home in Georgetown. The house still stands to this day but the owners never allowed us entry. Sightings named Georgetown one of the most Haunted Places in America.

We found all of our information at the Denver Public Library.

Thanks for sharing your research, Becky!

Hello, I am the grand daughter of Hank Binder who has a history book from I believe from 1910 or earlier and it talks about the Murder and chase of this man Bainbridge, and my grandpa I believe has several more books relating to Georgetown with this subject in them. I say this with relevance of who I am and who my grandad is because I believe we're relatives of the man who bainbridge shot. He was the owner of a butcher shop (Martin?) and Bainbridge was an apprentice for him. That is about as much more info as I know. If you would like to get in touch with my grandfather or me, I'd be pleased to give further info.

I would love to talk to you or your grandfather!! Beckypentland@gmail.com

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