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While copies of the newspaper about this tragedy are not valuable, JFK's campaign memorabilia can be highly valuable.

It's like anything that was produced in the tens of millions that are easy to store, value doesn't come from age, it comes from scarcity. Just like vinyl records, I have hundreds of them and people seem to think the collection is valuable, but it isn't because so many records were mass produced.

Incidentally, I too have a copy of the JFK assassination paper, published by the New Orleans Times-Picayune. I pull it out every now and then, look at almost everything except the Kennedy news, and revisit what society was like back then.

I have the newspaper for the day Binladen was captured by the Usa.
I would like a newspaper of JFKs assination and one from 9/11

I recently was gifted 6 news papers on the Kennedy murder. Mine is priceless .I also recieved the Nixon Ford changing of office and landing on the moon. I was a child and only a year old when Kennedy died. All I need to complete my collection is MLKjr. Head liner. Not to say I collect morbid memories but those events changed the world from as you say simpler times . But we're they really?

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