DPL's Illustrious Menu Collection


Appreciate this post. Interesting historical information!

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Thanks for reading, Nancy! 

That is great to hear! I knew DPL had some fascinating menus and it's so great to see even these preview ones. The Casa Bonita one is especially nostalgic.

Thanks Rachel!  Yes, the Casa Bonita menu seems especially timely since it has been back in the news again lately.

Little Pepina's was my favorite Italian restaurant in Denver, a step up from a typical red sauce place. I guess I'll need to set aside some time to come down and root through some of this collection. I'm guessing the volume of material is a bit too much to expect it ever to be digitized?

I'm glad the Little Pepina's menu brought back memories!  Never say never when it comes to digitization, but we do not have immediate plans to digitize this collection. We'd love to see you in our reading room when you come for a visit! 

Little Pepina's menu caught my attention, as well. I bussed tables there as a youth.

What a wonderful way to remember and memorialize our restaurants (and cuisines) of yore. Even though these places come and go, I am glad this collection exists to keep the memories and stories alive!

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