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Thank you Edrea Mendoza. I enjoyed your thoughts surrounding the Ludlow Massacre.

Our dear Gradmother was born in Starksville (1908) and lived the first 6 years in the Trinidad area.Miner family.
Good chance my great grandmother took her and the famiy out due to the Ludlow mass murders.
How can this be checked?

Hi Pace, thanks for your comment. The best place to start would be census records and city directories, both of which are available through Ancestry and some other online sources. DPL provides free access to these sources in any branch location. If you aren't local, please check with your library system to see if they also subscribe. 

James Fyler was my great grandfather. My great Grandmother escaped with my Grandma and her siblings. We visited the site and memorial with my Grandma in the late 70's.

Thank you for your comment Cindy. It was a sad time for our country. We're glad you were able to read this and share your family's part in this.

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