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F Street in 1864 referred to what later became 15th Street. Federal Boulevard was known as 'Boulevard F' before it became Federal.

Interesting article, thank you!

This was FANTASTIC!! I just love reading about Denver history. So well documented with references and pictures. Can't wait to read another one!
Thank you!!

When I was a kid in the 1950's, I remember taking trash to the city dump with my father, but cannot remember where that was. Someplace southeast. Does anyone know?

Julia, I believe that was probably the Lowry Landfill, which was originally part of Lowry's bombing range southeast of Denver.

Oh, thank you. We lived at Jasmine and Florida and it seemed so rural once upon a time.... before they build the bridge at Cherry Creek.

My memories are that we burned our trash from a container in our backyard. Many of these containers have been removed, but from my walks, there are still an number in alleys.

I still see them in the alleys, too. Thanks for reading and sharing, Mike!

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