Denver's Experiment in Ranked-Choice Voting


It's very important to recognize that this was a different method than is currently being pursued in the US today. That was the Bucklin method, which is terribly vulnerable to strategic voting and does not have the same majority guarantees. For more:

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Excellent point! The history of voting systems is one of constant evolution and we will continue to try and develop more democratic systems.


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No, Bucklin is not terribly vulnerable to strategic voting. It's quite decent. Instant runoff voting (aka "ranked choice voting") is vastly worse.

Thanks for the additional information, Clay. I assume we will be hearing a lot more regarding innovating strategies in coming years.


Fascinating post, Alex! I had no idea we had ever experimented with ranked voting.

Thanks, Laura. I was pretty surprised when I first heard about it.

Alex, have you seen any record of the original legal language from Denver on this Bucklin/Grand Junction method? I’d love to see their description.

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