Wait a Minute, You Still Use Microfilm?

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Hi Susan - Thanks for your question. We store the microfilm in acid free cardboard boxes. Because it's such a durable format, it requires almost nothing in the way of maintenance!


It's too bad DP is one of the huge gaps that never got digitalize. Newsbank did it but for some reason they don't have a public version of it only for universities. The Bush era was amazing for our technological push. It felt like a modern 80s. Since then companies have gone to foreign investments and that is why we are in the bind we are today.

Since then we have gone more and more backwards to dumb and stupid level.

Trump has nothing to do with it. In fact foreign investors have a lot to do as the Trump Tariffs are aimed at them so until we unbind ourselves we will for the lack of a better word slam a hammer at ourselves yet our generation wonders why we keep getting hit.

We are hitting ourselves dummies by going with these bozos. Trump is hoping we will be smart enough to make things ourselves here. We don't have to be in this digital/political bind.

Hi Kyle - It's my understanding that there has never been a full digitization of the Denver Post. The Newsbank database that DPL, and many other libraries, use starts around 1989 and only includes articles that were produced in-house. My guess is that it was a whole lot easier, and cheaper, for the database companies to post up the digital files that were provided by the newspaper (including their metadata) than undergoing the very labor intensive process of indexing 120 odd years of newspapers.

To the best of my knowledge, domestic politics of any kind has not played a role in the use of microfilm reader in the United States. 

Thanks for your comments!


Under the threat of Obama many companies including IBM went back to electric/manual typewriters. I wonder where they get the ribbon for it all.


I don't think Mr Trump realizes how far gone we are in that regards. In the 90s all the machines went to China. Bolts and all. In the 2000s our US Military Defense outsourced to China so everything from guns to casings to boots are all made overseas.

The tools to make the machines are no longer here either. The people who did know how to do things were old back then and have either retired or died off naturally unless there were some hidden smart people we don't know about were home schooled and taught skills to make things without relying on China or foreign investing. China owns the world's gold next to the Middle East which is the 2nd largest ownership.

They used to do annual inspections and reports of Fort Knox till the 90s then they stopped reporting. The week before 9/11 hundreds of millions of US dollars worth of gold mysteriously 'vanished' from the Pentagon and the people killed were the ones investigating it. Geez I wonder why...................


As a result you won't believe the weird/amazing architecture over there. It makes the USA feel like a 3rd world nation.

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