Great article, Laura. Who knew? Definitely on my list. After James's cool article on the Yampa Valley train, ask him to research the train to Fairmount. I can picture myself carrying some relative's urn on the train to Fairmount. Thanks.

Hi Peter. Thanks for reading! I would definitely like to delve further into the Fairmount train. We'll keep you posted. It's definitely an interesting image of someone carrying an urn on the streetcar, or even a coffin! Hopefully people chose other, more comforting methods.


Laura thank you so much for this wonderful tribute to Fairmont. As a member of Fairmount Heritage Foundation it does my heart good to have such a warm and informative story about this often overlooked piece of Denver history. I hope I’ll run into next time I’m out there.

Hi Lesley. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Fairmount is a treasure, both historically, and as a park. It's wonderful that we have such an interesting place at our doorstep. Hopefully we'll run into each other there someday!


This is wonderful, thank you, Laura! I live right near Fairmount and will definitely be taking a self-guided tour soon.

Hi Stephanie. You're welcome! Until the library reopens, the "125 Things to Do at Fairmount" page on the Fairmount Heritage Foundation's site (linked at the end of our post) includes several walking tours and grave locator maps. Enjoy!

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