That building on the Southwest corner of Sloans Lake was once the Denver Municipal Trap Club

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In December 1970, I was 6 years old and my family would take me to the north side of Sloans Lake and we would ice skate in the Sloans Lake Marina after the Willy’s Jeep and snow plow would clear the snow off the ice. Steel drums would be burning firewood on the banks where you could warm yourself and families would have roasted nuts and hot chocolate.

My ice skates were double bladed to keep me from falling so easily.

I’m a native of Denver since 1964!


Not only the shot landed in the lake. If a clay pigeon was not hit it, too came down in the lake and - landing in water - generally survived completely intact. As kids, we would ride our bikes over to the range on days when it was not in use, wade out into the lake, and collect the intact pigeons.


As a Jr. High school student work at DMTC. Got to meet Bing Crosby. It was told that the club was closing to allow the building of a Nursing Home.

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