Denver Movie Theaters: The Glory Years

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I was privileged to have been a projectionist during the latter days of the theatre experience, 1971-1988. Different? Yes. I worked at the Mayan before and after its "renovation." We had several banks of colored lights that could be brought up separately or together to create an atmosphere that, enhanced by the architecture, made an ethereal world onto itself. Waterfall curtains in some theatres made for a very elegant presentation. This era of showmanship passed all to soon in the 1970s and 1980s.

Hi Thomas! Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Though we've seen plenty of great movie theater innovations since that time (stadium seating, etc...) there was definitely something special about the presentation and showmanship from the bygone days. 

Growing up in Chicago in the 50's-60's movies were released in the downtown theatres and select neighborhood theatres. Theatres had only 1 screen. When I left Chicago, in '76 , there were still double features. Two movies for one admission.

I was 4 years old back in 1948 when I arrived in Denver and I think I have been in all the theaters in operation through the years, but don't remember ever being the theater called ISIS! that was the "Good Ol Days" Took a girl on my very first date to see West Side Story at the Centre Theater when the movie came out. Wanted to marry that girl, but she was not interested, me being a poor boy!
Sure do miss those places and have been to almost all the drive ins too. My favorite was the Lakeshore Drive in. Nothing is permanent now, here today, gone tomorrow "R.I.P.

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Thanks sharing those memories with us K.A. Even though you didn't get the girl, we hope you enjoyed the movie! And you're absolutely right about nothing being permanent.

Thanks for sharing, and this is of my memories, I was born in 1936 here in Denver. Some of the theaters I remember were, Tabor, Paramount, Denver, RKO Orpheum, Denham, Center, Mayan, Webber, Jewel, Alameda, Comet, Gothic, there are more that I have been too. This may help with your memories of the great time that we lived in.

Hi BLG - I've seen pictures of a few of these gems. They must have really been something to see. Thanks for jogging our memories!

You must have forgotten the Ritz on S. Broadway(changed to Kitty's Cine Art) at some point. I lived just across the alley on S. Lincoln, my Mother would give me a buck for a double feature, food, and an afternoon of skating at Skateland on the south end of the same block.

Hi Randy! So many great old theaters, it's easy to miss a few. Thanks for reminding us. That neighborhood has changed so much recently, I wonder how long before Kitty's is a brew pub?

Anyone remember the small movie theater I believe was on Welton Street across from Fontius Shoes that had a small parking lot attached to it.

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