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Shame not to mention Marilyn/Merc by name.
Headbanger was more heavy metal, industrial & psychedelia than "punk". Temple of Psychick Youth as well.
Cafe 13 another outpost for underage vagabonds, near the apts they ran away to, kind of a Cowtown underage Chelsea Hotel. (Billy Satan?)
Chubby's was the late night Mexican joint to drift to when the clubs & cafes closed. Nice & hot, guaranteed to clean you out in the morning to start over.

The Acacia. And "mama" Anji.

If I can remember that far back, an Egyptian Sunrise consisted of hot apple cider, hibiscus tea and a slice of orange. Divine! Thanks for the memories!

I used to hang out in the back room at Muddy's where the jukebox was (I think there was a pool table), and I remember people would always play the same really long Sisters of Mercy song because it was the best bang for their quarter or whatever.

Hibiscus tea and apple juice that's an Egyptian Sunrise

Paris was my 2nd home sometimes my only home.

We used to call the guy that ran the bookstore at Paris Conan the librarian he was a big mean-looking guy but actually the nicest guy you could meet.

Anyone know whatever became of all the portraits that used to hang on the walls of Muddys. There was one of me for a long time.

I remember visiting Cafe Nepenthes frequently in the mid- to late-70s. They often organized belly dance performances there, and I was one of the performers. Such fond memories of this wonderfully off-beat establishment.

Thanks for this article, I have fond memories of Muddy's on the Platte with its bohemian vibe. I recall an older-than-teenage clientele and lots of college-age artsy types hanging out there late at night when I did in the 70's. I remember the funky used book store next door, too. I didn't realize that the cafe hadn't been there long when my friends and I frequented it. It appeared aged, but ageless!


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