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I meant to say that the Whole Earth Cafe had a piano (Barbara was the owner). The Global Village probably had one too; I don't remember.

Why refer to the Mercury Café in the past tense? It's still alive and well at 2199 California, and it's open for dinner Friday night through Sunday night and for brunch Saturday and Sunday.

One way to kill a business is to spread the word that it's already dead.

Louis, I agree with you 100%. I've updated the language in several places to indicate they're still going strong. Thank you for this suggestion.

I still have my Muddy's menus from when they were on 15th.

Hi Dennis. Thanks for reading. Hold onto those memories!

Wow!! I really loved walking down memory road with the article. I spent many teen hours in all three of these establishments. Even leaving my mark on the wooden benches of Muddy's cafe by carving in Simon & Garfunkel lyrics. I deeply loved both Muddy's and Paris, but I have to admit to seeing some great shows at the Merc... including a very young Gwen Stefani and No Doubt! Thanks for giving this gift of remembrance. Now it looks like we'll have to add Kerouac's old hangout, "The Market" to our museum of extinct coffee houses now too.

Hi Elle, it was heartbreaking to lose The Market this past year, too. 

I think you captured one essence of the former era in your description of carving song lyrics into benches!

Me and my crowd were regulars and workers at Paris , Muddy’s and Merc.
We were also regulars at Mary and Lou’s !
Those were the days!


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