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Jason, your ambivalence is understandable. It seems we may be on the verge of more drastic change, and it's not entirely predictable what we'll lose. Hopefully we gain some positives, too.

I remember sharing a joint with a Muddy's waitress behind the original location. It was the summer of '85 while I was home from my freshman year in college, and I felt like that moment solidified my bona fides as a true Muddy's patron. I loved that place. I still have a couple of old menus somewhere in storage. Those were pinned above my desk at college in Maine. Great memories - at least the ones I can remember. LOL.

Hi William, thanks for sharing your story. It sounds very much in the vein of 80s/90s Denver cafe culture! Let us know if you find your old menus--I'm sure this group would love to see them!

I remember taking a Denver Free University class upstairs at Muddy’s and late night coffee. BTW, I was a half time Librarian in Western History Department 82-83, before the new amazing library.


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