As Denver Changes, the Lights at City Hall Stay the Same

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Is it possible that the earliest displays in the 1920s were on the previous City Hall? The cornerstone of the current City and County Building was not laid until 1932.

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Yes. In re-reading it seems as though we should have made that a little clearer. Thanks for catching that!

There were holiday displays in Civic Center park that may pre-date the current City and County building.

Hi Phil - You are correct. As you probably know, Denver was absolutely crazy for Christmas lights for an extended period of time. 

I would love to see a picture of the elves!

They're pretty shifty and very hard to photograph!

Great blog post, Brian--indeed, keeping the holiday lighting on our Courthouse is very much a Denver tradition & one I hope stays with us in perpetuity!

Wonder if we will be able to keep the view of our lovely/beautiful Rocky Mountain skyline visible from Civic Center Park, as well. A while ago, developers wanted to build west of our Coors Field stadium, which would spoil the mountain view for ballpark guests--but thankfully that was shot down. But the City's skyline is changing practically everyday--before you know it, we might turn into a Chicago, New York City or Houston, and we could if we keep going the way we are now! Let's keep Denver, Denver!!

Brian - can you call me at 9News? I'm wondering if I can use parts of your article on our website when we promote next year's Light the Lights event. 303-871-1439. We can discuss... thanks!!

The lights today still don't compare to the lights that were displayed back in the 50's and 60's. Don't get me wrong the lights are still pretty today with the new type of lighting.