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My grandfather was a fire fighter in Denver in the 1020's and 1930's and he talked about helping decorate Civic Center for the holidays. It makes sense - all those fire department ladders would come in handy!

What a wonderful memory! Thanks for sharing that with us and happy holidays to you and yours!

A 1953 article by John Buchanan in the Denver Post noted that the 43,000 Christmas lights on Denver's City and County Building burn about five hours a night for 20 nights and added $175 to "the city's light bill." That came out to about $9 each evening.

I suspect that the LED bulbs now in use and the fact that they are left in place year round now has lowered the cost of the yearly tradition even with the higher cost for energy these days.

I think you are correct, Roger. Also, those LED lights allow the city to light up the building for other special events such as Broncos Super Bowl victories; the beginning of Rockies season; and breast cancer  awareness. Thanks for reading and commenting!

I remember in the 70's putting up the lights when I first started working for the City great memories!

It's a real honor to get work on those. Thanks for sharing!

during my childhood growing up in Denver seeing the lights on the city & county building is a good feeling l8iviving in this wonderful city mainly at that time growing in the Denver housing Projects I can see the lights not to far from mariposa st. where my great-grandmother Mrs. williams to see the lights on the courthouse or Capital, I miss that sight of the beautiful lights of the seasons

The lights really are a distinctive feature of the Mile-High City and a great memory for all. Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

And the lights are still a favorite of all who come to the National Western Stock Show.

And it extends the holiday spirit into our darkest, coldest month!

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