Denver: Birthplace of the Modern Library

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I have recently found a new love for the Public Library - and this just helps seal the deal :)

Thanks Stepho! So glad you're loving the library!

This is awesome, thanks!

The Denver Library system is without equal!

Thanks for the kind words Lauren. We've got a lot of great people working here who do their best to give Denver a really special library system. 

We should ask our City Librarian candidates their feelings on "raising beards" during the upcoming public forums!

I am so thankful to have access to this high quality library!

I love the Denver Public Library, I read the article, which makes me love the library even more, Dana was such a good librarian, if it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be a Denver Public Library!!

Great article, Brian, another Denver first. BTW, *my* beard raises itself - the only effort is in containing it. . . .

Who would have thought that the Denver Public Library would have been on the cutting edge from the start!

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