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Thanks for shining a light on this important Colorado artist and her cohort. Can’t wait to stop in and see the paintings first hand.

Thanks, Tam! We look forward to having you.

What a pleasure to see such a good article about Elisabeth Spalding. As a member of the Arts and Architecture Commission at Saint John's Episcopal Cathedral, I am happy to say that we own fifteen of Elisabeth's paintings (as well as a grand portrait of her father and our first Bishop) and have them on display in various parts of the cathedral.

Thanks, Ann! I am so glad to hear that you are appreciating and showing the paintings that you have. Sounds like a wonderful exhibition.

Hi Ann,
I know it’s two years later since this was published and I hope you’ve still online to read this. I’m doing some research on Jozef Bakos. Your review mentions the 1919 Denver Armory show wherein his painting, Man From Chaos, caused quite a stir. I cannot find any images online anywhere of this particular painting. Do you by any chance know where I might see a copy? Thanks!

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