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Brian-I enjoyed the article and photo gallery. In the Gallery, I found #4-the Directory interesting. The Mexican Government Tourism. stores no longer in business Woolworths, Neusteter's, etc. And J.C. Penney has been long gone from having Auto Service Centers.
One of the articles in the Gallery says the Cinderella City developer also developed Lakeside. I've read that the I-70 Harlan Entrance/Exit, after the developer's request, was built to service Lakeside

Hi WRT - Thanks for the kinds words. I was pretty impressed when I saw Mr. Von Frellick's very impressive shopping mall resume. 

My father a brick layer here in Colorado helped build Cinderella City, and it was like a fairy tale mall. I remembered we four kids along with our parents attended the mall on opening day and frequently shopped there after the opening. I was truly sad to see Cinderella City closed.

Hi Sharita - Thanks for sharing your memories. Opening day at Cinderella City must have been truly memorable. I think it's hard for people today to realize exactly how large and impressive that mall seemed during its early years. 

Sharita, My father also a bricklayer worked on Cinderella City along with my brothers as hod carriers. I remember the mall opening day and also shopped there often. It sometimes was like old school days and especially during Christmas season with all the classmates we would run into there. Fun times there not only for us but as our family was growing up. Was so sad to lose that and the park before that.

Thanks for another great stroll down memory lane, Brian--really enjoy reading your blogs on all the hip/cool spots in Denver from bygone days...I have many fond memories of shopping & meeting friends & just hanging out at The Mall: Cinderella City! WOW! Was such an amazing place & you could find everything or anything there that you thought you needed. When they torn it down, it marked the end of an era...

Enjoyed this article. I grew up not far from Cinderella City and was there for its opening week. I would have my folks drop off my friends and me there on Saturdays and we were able to stay entertained the whole afternoon just hanging around, the place was so big and had so much to see. I remember there was a radio station that broadcast there, though I can't remember the call letters. You could watch the DJs working through a window in the mall. I don't know how they kept their concentration with pesky kids like us staring at them. There was a fellow named "Yug" who painted fairly wretched landscapes by the fountain area and my parents bought one of his paintings. When my friends and I figured out a low-traffic way to get there on our bikes (avoiding Hampden) we became real Cinderella City mall rats. I think the place was built on a landfill which caused it some serious structural problems later on.

Hi Jude - Thanks for sharing these great memories with us. It's amazing how huge that mall felt to young people!

Jude also built on top of former garbage dumps-Cherry Creek Mall and the 1948 Mile High Stadium. the Denver Public Library has interesting photos of the area before Mile high was built.

It was built over the original Denny Miller field and a park, according to what my parents & Grandparents told me. The Golf course was built over the landfill (and partly across the city's boundaries into Sheridan, which created a whole host of other issues).


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