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Ahh! What are all those dummies doing so close to it and on bridges!

It would be interesting to be able to figure out where all the footage was taken so it could be compared to what is along cherry creek banks now.

I might be wrong but this appears to be somewhere in the Cherry creek mall area. Maybe a little East of there. I want to say Madison , Monroe, Steel. With some footae from the Denver Country Club area. My father had a Aunt and Uncle that lived in that area. I remember the homes in the area looking like those in the film in the mid 50's

The footage toward the middle looks like it was shot at the Denver Country Club.

I'm thinking some of the area, where it shows the water almost topping the walls of the creek, might be in front of the old Sunken Gardens area or the area in front of West High

Gnarly! I've only read about this flood. What an nice addition to the collection.

Was this the flood caused by the Collapse of the Dam in Castlewood Canyon?

According to the caption it was.

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