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Growing up we lived on the North side of the lake we would go over there and collect empty shells

Thanks for sharing that with us, Ray. We've also recently found out that Sloans Lake was also where DPS driver's ed classes would go for practice!

Brian K. Trembath you clearly have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to trap and skeet, 00 or 0 buckshot has NEVER been a standard load for skeet and trap shooting. Interesting article on Denver history though.

Hi JJ - Thanks for reading and commenting. We agree that we could definitely have worded that a bit better (it's been a few decades since I shot skeet). Our real point was to answer the question whether or not it would be safe to shoot a shotgun from that point on the lake without the pellets traveling all the way across for our readers who aren't familiar with firearms at all. 

Stay well!

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