Building The Ballpark Neighborhood: The Karle Seydel Papers

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Awesome blog!Love the pictures and the history. What a difference a sport can make on a city. Keep up the good work...

Karle possessed a unique set of perspectives about Denver and how best to blend our Western romanticism, our shared vision as a community to stride forward and not fall backwards into complacency, and his uncanny understanding about people in this community and how to rally them. His impact on the Downtown Denver area is unmistakeable, but even more profound is the impact his David versus Goliath approach to the Ball Park Neighborhood and Coors Field has had on the entire region and, in fact, Major League Baseball from coast to coast.

Thank you for your comments, Hank. We are truly honored to have Karle's papers here at DPL. 

It is true that Karle moved to Denver from Boulder in the 1980s. In addition to that, he grew up in Park Hill, and attended Gove Junior High School and East High School.

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