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Awesome story Chris! Thanks!

Thanks Christine! Glad you enjoyed it!

Fascinating story. Makes me wonder wonder if the concept of “past life regression” is used as a real thing in the mental health field today.

I'm 84 years old and have lived through the period. Believe me, most that have followed the story at the time and might have believed in the story as fact no longer believe in "past life regression." At the time I was a skeptic -- It's in my nature -- I don't believe in Aliens from other worlds, mental telepathy, etc. I also believe it is a waste of time and money to go to Mars. But what do I know?

Not by reputable psychiatrists or psychologists, but it's certainly a concept which still exists in less rigorously regulated fields. Thanks for your interest!


Thank you for resurrecting this colorful story from Colorado history in the 1950s. The name of the Denver Post columnist who wrote about it was actually William J. Barker. His son was a high school friend of mine at the time.

You are indeed correct that it was Barker, not Butler. Thank you for bringing this mistake to my attention... we'll get the text corrected as soon as possible!

With respect to "reputable psychiatrists", etc., please research Dr. Brian Weiss and his experience which contradicted education and life's work as a scientist.

Funny how memory works. I would have sworn that I heard about Bridey in 1953. I have always associated it with a house my family lived in from the summer of 1952-to the summer of '53 (10 years old). Like everyone else, I wanted it to be true. It was a decade later when I discovered Bridey's facts were fallacious.

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