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As a Soule descendent, I truly appreciate this story. The Sand Creek Massacre site is an important place in history as well. It pays homage to Silas's valor.

So wonderful to hear from a descendant - thanks for reading! 

Thank you for this story which adds fascination to the history of Colorado. Silas Soule - another hero of Colorado!

Thank you for commenting, John! 

Such an interesting story, I will check out both the plaque and Riverside Cemetery.

Thank you for reading, Penny!

Thank You for this excellent summary of a terribly dark chapter in Denver's history. I'm no historian but I've read enough on this and have taken Tom Noel's classes to know how important it is to remember those who had the courage to stand up for Liberty, Justice and Equality for All. If Captain Soule were alive today, he'd be helping to lead all of us in this never-ending struggle.

Our beloved Governor Hickenlooper was the first to apologize for the atrocities at Sand Creek and commissioned the sculpture at the Colorado History Museum. We can never forget what happened here.

And yet, sadly, there are those who are going to hate anyone when they could've resolved their hate.

Wonderful observations!

This is good timing with the 152nd anniversary of the assassination Capt. Soule next Sunday, April 23rd. Maybe more people will visit his grave at Riverside and "take increased devotion to that cause for which (he) gave the last full measure of devotion. . " (from President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address)

Is it okay to copy and share this wonderful essay?

Your name of course will be included to ensure full credit.

Any relation to the great benefactor and founder of DPL, Frederick Ross, for whom several branch libraries are named? He and Emily Griffith helped to make Denver a more civilized city than it was.

Thank you for reading, Stan! You are welcome to share the article! 

I have no personal relation to Frederick Ross (that I know of!), but I certainly agree that Denver is a better place due to the efforts of people like Ross and Emily Griffith. 


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