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Before Bears Stadium was constructed a helipad was in consideration for the site.

Thanks for your comment. In those days it was called a dump, today we refer to it as a "landfill" and I'd wager there were a number of things considered for that prime real estate so close to Federal and Colfax.

Good stuff Roger!
Love the Denver sport(s) history blogs you posted.

Keep them coming?!

Thanks for your comment - their a world of material available.

Thanks for your comment - there's a world of material available.

Your facts are WRONG! Bears Stadium was t bought from the Howsam family. He didn't own them after 1960 and he had NOTHING to do with the expansion. That was Gerald Phipps and his brother. Who actually owned the Bears and the Broncos. Maybe you should check your facts.

Hey Roger, Can you tell me the origins of the image: Bears-Mile High Stadium upper left [your name here] Stadium lower right - RM News. We just purchased a copy with a signature and are trying to understand the history. Fascinating information, Roger! Thank you.

Bears Stadium was built in 1948 to replace Merchants Park, where the Denver Bears had played for several decades. Beginning in 1960 it was enlarged and became Mile High Stadium when the City of Denver purchased it.

one of early football games played at bears stadium was sponserd by the junior parocial athletic league was on oct 28th 1949 as reported in the rocky mountain was the second annual parochial football circus. more than 700 boys participated in games starting at 7:30 on 3 gridirons i have a photo with 3 players from the newspaper dated wednesday oct,26 1949 enjoy !!

I don't recall the parochial football games, but I do remember when the public schools baseball all-stars played the parochial schools once a year at Bears Stadium.


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