Barrel Man Forever - Wow Photo Wednesday

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Always loved his enthusiasm! Great story.

He was really great on all levels. Thanks for the comment!

You can see his barrel on display at History Colorado.

Thanks for the reminder Jamie - a downtown trip to visit History Colorado and the Central Branch is time well spent. 

Barrel Man is in the Super Fans section of the NFL Hall of Fame. He was enshrined in the 1st class of Super Fans in 1999

1st class of Super Fans and a class all by himself. 


I had the honor of meeting "The Barrel Man" and his wife in a more cozy setting at the IHOP restaurant in Bear Valley. My daughter had just gotten her new cast on her broken leg and we decided to go have dinner. Low and behold sitting at the table next to us was "Barrel Man". I am a die hard fan and it was super hard to just sit there and not bother the two of them while they were eating, I think they noticed. So, his wife pulled out some trading cards with their pictures on them and they autographed one for each of us. They were the most down to earth friendly couple ever. They were such a pleasure to meet. I still have all 5 cards that they autographed. RIP Barrel Man!!!! Go Broncos!

Thanks for sharing that wonderful Barrel Man memory with us, Shannon. He was a really special guy and Denver was lucky to have him.

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