All Hail the Queen of the Slaves of the Silver Serpent


This is so awesome - earlier this year, my husband and 12 year old son were looking through the Western History Subject Index for an interesting name for their band that reflected Denver and the West and guess what they ended up naming themselves?Slaves of the Silver Serpent! I can't wait to share this article with them. Thanks, Morgan!

Great post! The Festival of Mountain and Plain needs a revival!

Love it! This has always been one of my favorite things in the vault, too, so I'm glad to know more about it!

Really great post! I didn't know about the tiara - what a great thing to share - thanks again!

The Festival of Mountain and Plain lives on as the Taste of Colorado. The Downtown Denver Partnership still uses both names.

It's hard to find experienced people in this particular topic, however, you
seem like you know what you're talking about!


Great post! They should bring the Silver Serpent back.

Wow! Really cool post, can't wait to drop in and see it- I didn't know we had it in Western History and Genealogy!

I just looked this phrase at the silver super time because my oldest daughter long story but I just kept saying I don't know where it came from and this is very interesting given parts of our conversation.

I have been investigating the place I recently bought and moved into. It might be the place John Albert built. He co-led the parade with Jim Baker. The stories! When I lived in Denver, I rented a space at 34th & Wazee many moons ago. One of the SOTSS posters have that on there. Crazy town!

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