Actress Maude Fealy: Called Denver "Home"



It is great to find a posting with her date of birth that matches her church records.
Margaret would have been a mother at 14 the later dates was probably mothers idea.
Many photographs of Maude her eyes connect with the viewer in a special way.

Thanks for commenting, John! Maude certainly had a special presence that was so evident in her photos and films.

She had a very long and interesting life!
Here’s to Maude!!

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Three cheers for Maude!

As her doppelganger, it makes me feel better to read things such like this. Thank you.

Luca, that's our most intriguing blog comment to date! We're continously impressed with how much interest Maude continues to generate. Thanks for reading and commenting!

i love researching her and she is just goregeous. bruhhh

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