70 Years Ago Today: Remembering the Fallen of the 10th Mountain Division



freedom isn't free

we live in the land of the free because of the brave

we owe our freedom to them

the only way to repay a life is with a life devoted to liberty and justice for all


My Uncle, Sgt Ralph Brainard, attended this memorial service and I have a pamphlet like the one above. He was in the 85th company L


I donated mine do the Denver Library to keep it safe and to share with everyone . Ralph was a 30 cal machine gunner and told some really scary stories about combat , but on a lighter note , heres one he shared. He was sunning himself on a German bunker after they had taken Mount Belevedere when he heard Germans talking. 8 Germans were in the bunker below him , but were glad to surrender to him


My dad PFC Willie Calvin Anderson Sr. was buried at U S Military Cemetery at Castelfiorentino, Italy Plat 0, Row 46, Grave 1984. His remains were brought home and buried in Blackwood Springs Baptist Church Cemetery when I was a younh boy. I remember the 21 gun Salute and Taps.


My Mom’s cousin Sal was part of a large Sicilian family from the Carrollton section of New Orleans. My entire life I heard about Sal and the love everyone had for him including my grandpa whose eyes “lit up” when he would see his nephew, the son he never had. Cousin Rosemary recalled the sadness in the house the evening everyone gathered. Sal was a Private with the 363rd Infantry, company C, and died September 26, 1944 around Luca, not far from Lajatico, Italy. I wish to thank him for the freedoms we have enjoyed since WW II and while I have taught my own children the cost and value of freedom, I am so sorry to see that a truly uninformed half of our country today has no idea of what they are asking for as they lean towards Democratic candidates espousing the myths of Socialism. Thanks Sal for your life. Thank you Rosemae and Rochelle for sharing, your cousin Paul Abadie, USN-R


My grandfather Sam Gallegos was kia April 16 1945 buried in Florence Italy... His daughter Loretta passed 1 21 20 we will never forget either.

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