Potter-Highlands Neighborhood History

Situated on a hill northwest of the Platte River, overlooking the city, are the Highlands of Denver. The Highlands is not just one district, but many, and was originally a city in its own right. It was incorporated in 1875. By 1890, Highlands included more than thirty-five separate sub-divisions. The city had high aspirations of its own, touting clean air high above the smoke and industry of Denver, clean artesian water, and most important, clean morals. Although liquor was not forbidden in Highlands, liquor licenses were so expensive that none were issued until well after Prohibition.

The hopes and glory of Highlands were short-lived. There were major transportation difficulties crossing the South Platte into Denver and climbing the hill up to Highlands. These problems and the 1893 Silver Crash, which strained the town’s finances, led to a vote by Highlands citizens in 1896 to annex Highlands to Denver.