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Image Pricing And Sizes

Purchase Forms and Permissions

Types of Paper

  • Semi-gloss: Premium Luster paper
    Excellent media with crisp image quality and slight reflectivity. Our most popular selection.
  • Soft-matte: Hot Press Natural Fiber paper
    Low reflectivity, strong gloss differential to inks. Best suited for color art reproductions only, or sepia toned black and white photographs. If chosen for a photograph, note that it will have a less crisp appearance and more muted tones than the other papers offered.
  • True-matte: Enhanced Matte paper
    Crisp image quality on a smooth coated matte paper. Low reflectivity. Best for Maps and Drawings, and other graphics, good for photographs.
  • Glossy
    Similar to traditional resin coated glossy photo paper. High reflectivity and gloss differential between ink and paper. Crisp image quality.

Size and Border Guidelines


  • Since images from our collection are of varying formats, printed images may not match standard print sizes. If standard print sizes are desired, some cropping of the image may be necessary.
  • Any image up to 11"x14" can be printed on semi-gloss (Premium Luster paper), true matte (Enhanced Matte paper), or glossy paper.
  • Images on glossy paper can only be printed up to 14”.
  • Images that are 16"x20" or larger can be printed on semi-gloss (Premium Luster paper), soft-matte (Hot Press Natural Fiber paper) or true-matte (Enhanced Matte paper).


  • All prints with a width or height of 20" or larger will have a 2" border which adds to the print's lifespan and is helpful when mounting and framing.
  • Borderless printing is available upon request.

Special Requests and Questions

  • If ordering a print of a map, please specify if exact scale is required, where applicable.
  • Specific image file sizes can be clarified upon request.
  • For special requests or questions, contact the photo sales department by email at or call 720-865-1818

Pricing and Sizes

Image Files (TIFFs)

Standard:10" max width/height @300 ppi


Premium:10" max width/height @600 ppi


Custom dimensions/resolution


Please contact the Photo Sales Department for specific file size requests. Files may be delivered via flash drive for $5.00 or free of cost for a file-transfer service.
Semi-gloss (Premium Luster paper), true-matte (Enhanced Matte paper), or glossy.
Dimensions Price (B/W, Color or Sepia)
5" x 7" $17.00
8" x 10" $19.00
11" x 14" $35.00
Maximum width or height Semi-gloss finish: Premium Luster paper
20" $52.00
24" $66.00
30" $82.00
36" $100.00
40" $120.00
50" $175.00
Maximum width or height Soft-matte finish: Hot Press Natural Fiber paper
20" $52.00
24" $66.00
30" $85.00
36" $105.00
40" $125.00
50" $185.00
Maximum width or height True-matte finish: Enhanced Matte paper
20" $48.00
24" $55.00
30" $72.00
36" $92.00
40" $110.00
50" $160.00

Use Fees Per Image

Books, Guides, Brochures
0-5,000 copies $15.00
5,001-10,000 copies $35.00
10,001-15,000 copies $55.00
15,001-20,000 copies $75.00
20,001-25,000 copies $95.00
25,001-30,000 copies $115.00
30,001-40,000 copies $135.00
40,001-50,000 copies $155.00
50,001-60,000 copies $175.00
60,001-70,000 copies $195.00
Serials Including Magazines, Newspapers and Newsletters
0-10,000 copies $15.00
10,001-20,000 copies $30.00
20,001-30,000 copies $45.00
30,001-40,000 copies $60.00
40,001-50,000 copies $75.00
50,001-60,000 copies $90.00
Book Jackets and Magazine Covers
0-10,000 copies $100.00
10,001-20,000 copies $150.00
20,001-30,000 copies $200.00
30,001-40,000 copies $225.00
40,001-50,000 copies $250.00
50,001-60,000 copies $275.00
Videotapes, DVDs, and CDs
0-1,000 copies $35.00
1,001-2,000 copies $50.00
2,001-3,000 copies $75.00
3,001-4,000 copies $90.00
4,001-5,000 copies $105.00
5,001-8,000 copies $120.00
Motion Picture and Television
Non-commercial Broadcast (PBS) $90.00
Commercial Broadcast $180.00
Motion Picture $180.00
All Rights—All Mediums $300.00
Postcards, Posters, T-shirts, Calendars, Mouse Pads and/or Other Non-paper Items
0-500 copies $20.00
501-1,000 copies $40.00
1,001-1,500 copies $60.00
1,501-2,000 copies $80.00
2,001-2,500 copies $100.00
2,501-3,000 copies $120.00
3,001-3,500 copies $140.00
3,501-4,000 copies $160.00
4,001-4,500 copies $180.00
4,001-4,500 copies $190.00
Advertising or Display in Commercial Offices, Stores, Restaurants or Events
Display in commercial offices, stores, restaurants or events $30.00
Advertising & Press Kits $180.00
eBook $35.00 per image
Website $25.00 per image
Digital magazine $10.00 per image
Mobile apps $10.00 per image

Other Fees, Tax and Discounts

Rush Fees

Most non-rush orders will be filled within 10-14 working days. We do offer RUSH services on both digital and print images. The charge is double the cost of the normal processing fee. Rush orders are processed in 2-3 business days.

Oversized Fees

There is no fee for new scans of unbound items under the 17" width or height maximum. New scans for bound items and items greater than 17" width or height maximum will be charged $50 per hour, with a minimum 15 minutes billed, and 15 minute increments thereafter.

Sales Tax

Denver sales tax is 8.31%.

CD or file transfer service:


Digital Image File Sizes—Special Request:

Any requests for image files with specific dimensions or resolutions beyond the standard sizes offered are $100 per file.

Shipping and Handling Fees

$6.00 U.S. / $10.00 International.
If your company has a FedEx number you may include this on your order form for faster service.


  • A use fee of $10 per image will be charged to non-profit organizations which are reproducing images from the collection for non-commercial use such as scholarly journals, teaching tools, reports and display.


  • Customers ordering more than 10 images at a time are eligible for a 50% discount on use fees only.
  • Discounts cannot be combined.

Purchasing History Colorado or Auraria Library Images

Purchasing History Colorado Images

Images from the Colorado Historical Society have a "CHS" call number.
For information on prices, policies, and purchasing prints of any History Colorado image at this site (these images have call numbers beginning with "CHS"), please contact:

  • History Colorado
    1200 Broadway
    Denver, CO 80203
    Tel. 303-866-3759
    FAX 303-866-4464

Purchasing Auraria Images

Images from Auraria have an "AUR" call number.
For information on prices, policies, and purchasing prints of any Latinos/Hispanics in Colorado Collection image (as noted in the item record under "Is part of"), please contact:

  • Matthew C. Mariner
    Head of Special Collections and Digital Initiatives, Auraria Library
    Tel. 303-556-5817

For all other inquiries regarding images from Auraria (call number beginning with AUR), please contact:

For special requests or questions, contact the photo sales department: or 720-865-1818