Genealogy Collection

Begun in 1910, the Genealogy Collection offers an extensive array of resources for researchers. Our collection is the second largest found between the Missouri and the West Coast, and ranks among the best genealogy research centers in the nation. Family history researchers find material spanning dozens of generations and covering a wide range of ethnic communities and geographic locations, including family charts, atlases, 60,000 books, 140,000 pieces of microform, and hundreds of serial titles. To the lasting benefit of our researchers, earlier generations of librarians decided to place county and state histories for communities east of the Mississippi River in our collection. They also emphasized materials for states through which wave upon wave of migrants passed from the East and the Southwest. These resources, along with those pertaining to Colorado and New Mexico, complement the Western History collection. Special features of the Genealogy Collection include obituary indexes, 1935 to the present for local Denver newspapers; the Index of Funeral Notices, Obituaries, and News Articles from the Colorado Statesman newspaper, 1904 to 1954; an index to Colorado marriages and divorces, 1858 to 1939; Colorado Naturalization Records, 1877-1952; Indian Census Rolls, 1885 to 1940, and the Five Civilized Tribes, 1898 to 1914. Research Guide