Dos Apellidos: When Families Have Two Surnames



Mis hijos tienen el apellido de mi esposo y el mío, los dos le damos identidad a cada uno. Me encanta leerte Nicolás.


Excellent blog post! Thanks so much for explaining it so clearly and for emphasizing the information that the two surnames can provide for genealogical research. I will share it with colleagues at the library where I work.


Thank you, very thorough and well explained. It now makes sense to see the paternal last names for females in my family in Actas de Nacimiento, Defuncion, y Matrimonio.


My kids have the two last names too. And to make sure my last name is always used I hyphenated their last names. Often the paternal last name ends in middle name if the child does not have one. A hyphen fixed this, but it does open a different challenge... ni modo.

The hyphen is a band-aid when a person wants to keep both names in a place where only one name is the norm. It does lead to messes though, especially when software and people eliminate the hyphen and "García Pérez" becomes Garciaperez!

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