Paul Stewart- Chronicler of the Western Black Cowboy


I tremendously miss Mr. Stewart. I was raised in Denver, Colorado, and I remember him being my barber. He was also a good friend of my family. After graduating from CU (1978), I entered the military and always asked my family how he was doing. I learned that he was the curator of a "Black American West Museum." I returned home many years later and went to visit it. I also had an opportunity to tell him how much he was appreciated and loved. I learned quite a bit from him. I deeply miss him; however, he's always in my heart.

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Thank you Mr. Wright for sharing your memories and experiences of Paul Stewart.

I remember Mr. Stewart coming to my elementary school (Knight Academy) in the 80’s teaching us about western life in the pioneer days. Mr. Stewart also took my class to the Denver History Museum. His passion for cowboy history and it’s way of life made the subject fun as a kid and I will always remember his kindness.

What a lovely memory, Brian. Thank you for sharing!

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