Gentrification 101: A Two-Night Community Event at Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library

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Gentrification, a key word batted about in the world of Urban (Rural) Development is best reviewed in the Freedom of the Press and clarity in the era of timestamp.


Gentrification is more about poverty than ethnicity. You only feel like they're moving you out as a people because you identify collectively as impoverished people and grouped yourselves apart from the others, rather than mixing in with them. You could choose to see it as structural racism to improve areas that are in demand, or you can arrive to another conclusion.


I am helping an old Whittier resident, Lola Mae Chambers, revisit her old neighborhood around 1-30-2024, her 100th Birthday. She hasnt been back in over 30 years. She lives in a retirement home, Clermont Living Center, in SE Denver. I take communion to her every Monday. She is an amazing and happy lady. My phone is 303-898-0161. Any memory help would be appreciated.

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