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Researching Colorado Adoption Records

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Colorado Adoption Records
What are Colorado "adoption records?"

Adoption records are CONFIDENTIAL from the general public. An “adoption record” includes the following:

  • the adoptee’s original birth certificate and amended birth certificate
  • the final decree of adoption
  • information that does not disclose the name, address, place of employment, or any other material information that would lead to the identification of the birth parents (non-identifying information)
  • the final order of relinquishment
  • the order of termination of parental rights
Who can access Colorado adoption records?

According to Colorado Revised Statute §19-5-305, the following parties are eligible to access Colorado adoption records:

  • Adult adoptee
  • An adoptive parent of a minor adoptee;  
  • A custodial grandparent of a minor adoptee
  • The legal representative of any individual mentioned above

Also, the following parties are eligible to access Colorado adoption records with notarized written consent from the adult adoptee or proof that the adult adoptee is deceased:

  • Spouse of an adult adoptee
  • Adoptive parent of an adult adoptee
  • Adoptive sibling or half-sibling
  • Adult descendant of an adult adoptee (child, grandchild or great-grandchild)
  • Grandparent of an adult adoptee
  • Legal representative of any such individual
How can one access Colorado adoption records?

Consult the following for detailed information on forms, fees, and the steps to filing your case: