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How to Find Your Parcel Number in the Online Denver Assessor Records - late 1950s–early 1980s

This tutorial will teach you how to format a parcel number and find it in the online research tool DENVER ASSESSOR RECORDS - LATE 1950s TO THE EARLY 1980s.


Retrieve your parcel number (known as the “schedule number) from the Denver Assessor’s Property Taxation and Assessment System:

02323 = assessment map number

17 = Assessor-assigned block number (note: different than legal description block number and can be found through the Denver Assessor’s Map)

3 = unique property ID


Format the schedule number in the following way:


Search the DENVER ASSESSOR RECORDS - LATE 1950s TO THE EARLY 1980s research tool with your formatted schedule number.

Browse through the pages in the record group until you come across the card with your legal description and/or street address. 

Research Tools: 

Denver Assessor Records - late 1950s to the early 1980s

The Master Property Record cards show the chain of ownership of Denver property by Parcel Number, from the late 1950s to the early 1980s.  The Parcel Number can be found on the Denver Assessor’s Office Real Property Search website. Try searching them by address or parcel number. If you have trouble finding the card online, please see our tutorial or ask for assistance at the Western History and Genealogy Reference Desk.