10th Mountain Division Resource Center

110th Signal Company members ready for ascent into mountains to set up Signal Company Headquarters for communications

The 10th Mountain Division—a full division of the United States Army specializing in mountain and winter warfare—trained at Camp Hale, Colorado during World War II. Experienced in skiing, mountaineering and cold-weather survival as well as military tactics, the soldiers fought enemy forces in the Italian Campaign of 1945. Dubbed the "ski troops" by the press, the 10th Mountain Division remains the only military division recruited by a civilian organization, the National Ski Patrol. Many 10th Mountain Division veterans contributed greatly to the development of the recreational ski industry in the United States and to the growth of related fields such as outdoor equipment, recreation and nature conservation.

David B. Allen in his white camouflage uniform

In 1987, Denver Public Library partnered with History Colorado and the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division to create the 10th Mountain Division Resource Center. The Resource Center is the official repository for all records and artifacts related to the World War II-era 10th Mountain Division. The collection at Denver Public Library includes:

  • Personal and military correspondence and documents
  • Photographs and scrapbooks
  • Newspapers, magazines, maps, and books
  • Oral histories
  • Field and technical manuals
  • Artwork and ephemera
  • Training films and personal videos
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