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Colorado Chronology

Colorado Chronology – a guide to its use by Roger L. Dudley

This is a chronology of events related to Colorado, its people, events, and growth. It will guide you to other sources of information. Entries have been arranged chronologically, and are searchable.

Less is more when searching. When searching for when a fire occurred search on “fire,” not “housefire” or “grassfire” to eliminate fewer items. The same is true of searching for a person. Usually searching on only a last name will give you better results. Use of initials was very common, so adding a first name or middle initial may or may not lead you to all the information about a particular individual. For example, William Newton Byers went by William N., and W.N. Byers, but it’s not always the name someone went by, but how others referred to them.

The intent of this work is to provide you with various sources to which you can refer. The dates may differ and no effort has been made to determine the “correct” date – only to give you the range of sources to check for yourself. Use this resource as a starting place, not the final answer for your research.