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Great story. Wonder what or who they shot.

Aren't they old French Renaults Brian?

Thanks, James! They sure look like Renaults and since they were surplus, it's a good chance that they would have been available in 1927. 

Wow! Great picture and commentary. I live in Arvada, so this is way too cool!

Looks like a boof, if boof didn't mean what it actually means.

Perhaps they were from a regular army unit stationed at Ft Logan or a national guard unit at Camp Hale. Who would want a couple of WW I tanks manufactured in France anyway ? As a " trophy " for a city park some where ?

Hi Adam - Thanks for commenting. Those French tanks were the only ones that were manufactured by US allies during WWI. When the US entered the war our army had no tanks at all and thought that manufacturing French tanks was better than designing our own from scratch. 

Though it's culturally popular to mock the French military (Full disclosure: I've done it myself once or twice), they actually performed a lot better than they're generally given credit for. 

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