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Fascinating, Brian!

Thanks Stephen - We've calculated that the ball was likely traveling more than 100 mph when it hit the glove. He's lucky he didn't break his hand!

The Hardball Times link you give suggests somewhere a bit over 75, but less than 89 mph for a 335 foot drop. In other words, in the same range as MLB catchers regularly see on offspeed pitches. And it gives a terminal velocity of less than 100 mph, no matter how many hundreds of feet you drop the baseball.

This is great! I love the WOW Wednesdays. Thanks for the research.

Thank you! We have a great time researching them and are grateful to the library researchers who suggested this one!

The Splat Calculator at is where the 100 mph figure was derived.

Neither one is going to break the hand of whoever tries to catch it. Perhaps we can get a Colorado Rockies player to try it now and get a few speed guns on it since they too seem to have variations on each pitch.

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