Who was the first Black Lawyer in Colorado?

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It would appear that he is burried in Eden Cemetery in Collindale, PA

Thanks for reading and sharing the extra information, Jerry!

What a full, fascinating life Hackley led! I suspect that a series of biographies on each of the gentleman attorneys you named would be equally fascinating. Thanks, Sarah.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Laura. I have a sneaking suspicion there are many untold but fascinating stories here.

Lovely article about Edwin Henry , he is my 2nd great uncles son. I have been working on my Ancestry on my Hackley side of family and have read Lisa Brevard book on Edwin. My 2nd great grandfather Marcellus Hackley was Edwin’s uncle. Marcellus also fought in the Civil War.

What a wonderful personal connection, Paula! Thank you for reading and sharing the information on Marcellus Hackley.

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