What in the World is Vinegar Pie: Recreating a Historic Recipe


In the south they make this pie even today. Vinegar pie is a nice balance to aide with the digestion. Trying something "new to you" can be self gratifying. Homemakers should experiment with variety across all boards.

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Ah, aiding with the digestion is an excellent point! And it's always fun to experiment, indeed. Thank you for reading!

Really enjoyed your take on this! I am rereading they entire series of " Little house on the Prairie " books from my childhood. I'M a young...old lady...giggle! They have mentioned it twice now, in two different books. Curiosity, got the better of me...thank you for explaining, while making it!

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Should have also added at my old age I many recipies handed down many generations, this was one I had never heard of

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for reading. I had not heard of it prior to this experiment, and certainly didn't remember it being mentioned in that series. Thanks for sharing that! Vinegar pie really was a relic of a particular time and place in the West!

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