Beginning April 20, the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Blair-Caldwell Branch Library are closed. The archives and book collection on 2nd floor are in the process of being moved to Central Library where they will be available via the Special Collections Reading Room on 1st floor starting May 1.

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Thanks for the update - I can't wait to come in and check things out soon!

We're looking forward to seeing you and all of our wonderful researchers!

Made my first visit to WHG1 on 8/30. While it was a bit of an adjustment (OK it was a big adjustment!), the staff was patient and accommodating. Love the book scanner!

Not certain of his last name, has 'Kenny' the drive-in movie guy who did research on weekends on the fifth floor been in contact with you folks? The info, i.e., E-mail I have for him is no longer good. How can I contact him, or he me, if you can reach him?
My E-mail has changed to: if you can pass it along to him.
Thanks, DanC.

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