"We Will Ride!" The Origin of the Disability Rights Movement in Denver


Laura Hershey!

Beautifully written. The struggle to free and keep free our people continues today. Find more info at adapt.org.

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Thank you for reading and commenting, Scott!

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This is terrific! Congratulations on having such important materials to share. I am excited to see more of the Wade and Molly Blank collection as it becomes available. If I can help with the collection (I live in Austin) please let me know. I am setting up an online archive of materials at .adaptmuseum.net.
It's a work in progress but there to be used and shared.

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Thank you for reading and your offer of help! The Wade and Molly Blank Papers are now fully processed, and the collection's finding aid is available here.

ADAPT set a high standard for community action. I recall getting arrested with ADAPT and San Francisco Bay Area advocates in 1987 for blocking the cable cars.

Thank you for reading and sharing your memories with us, Hollynn! Very cool that you were involved in the movement!!

I have the original Heritage House/Atlantis scrapbook. Wade asked me to be the archivist. By the time I was in Denver to return it to Molly, she was gone.

Thank you for reading and commenting, Judy! Our acquisitions librarian will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for reaching out to us!