The Untold Story Behind Colorado's Iconic State Flag

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Yeah, "Coloradan" sounds better to my ear. Believe I've heard that more than the others. Interesting topic and information :) Thanks

Correction on sight, not on site

Thanks for the history! I miss the old flag - the new one has clashing primary colors...

Unless you spent a lot of time the custodian's closet at the State Capitol, you probably never saw the old flag when it was still official!

Why is the "C" on the flag slightly to the left and is there a specified off center amount to make it "legal"?

Why is the C off center

Please check with a true long lifer of Colorado for the proper term. There are not many of us but I still have junior and high school friends who know it’s Coloradoan. Thank you!

Please let the natives have their own vocabulary. We do have our own dialect and should be proud of our heritage. Gunnison born, I have heard and used "Coloradoan" since I was a child and I am not going to change my language to suit the suits.

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