Uncovering the history of Denver's homes



I love this tall, skinny house. It's sad that so many beautiful 19th century homes were razed to create parking lots but nice that tall, skinny rowhouse construction is now seeing a revival all over the city. Wish we had more of these original homes to restore now that people finally appreciate walkable communities again.

I love the architecture on this one, too. We have a lot of homeowners come in to the library to research their house histories; it makes us happy to know that historic homes are being appreciated and restored.


I am very interested in finding a certain type of house in Denver, built around 1950's and most probably by the city housing authority, a free standing most probably preformed concrete with steel windows. The same houses were built in Melbourne Victoria Australia in the same era, they would ave been built in estates, many streets of them. I am interested in comparing them - I saw them on a TV show obviously filmed in your city and thought I was lookimg at exactly the house I grew up in! Would be very intested to see a photo and also know te area were tey are situated. Many of those houses here in different suburbs have been demolished and structurilly altered once they have been sold to privat ownership. I would appreciate your help. Thank you Elise Young

What a fascinating question, Elise! We've added this question to our normal research queue and you should have received an email from us today to that effect. Thanks for reaching out!

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